Enter into www.McDVoice.com Survey [2020]

Get free Mcdvoice / McDonald food

Hey, have you heard? About Free MCD meal? No? Oh, your loss but not anymore 😛

mcdvoice survey

Get ready to know about this FREE FOOD opportunity in McDonald’s restaurant. In this post, we will help you give an idea about the ways through which you can enter in McDVoice free food chance.

McDonald’s is a renowned brand in every continent of the world, due to this much brand success they want to execute their success measurement. That is somewhat like which things customers are satisfied and by which they are not.

As a loyal customer, you will eat at MCD repeatedly, so there is a chance of eating at MCD and wining it for next time free. Most of the MCD customers love their yummy fries and hamburgers of various tastes, so for the love of it, you can enter into a Free Mcdvoice survey from McDonald’s. If you as a customer enter in it free coupons and food will be all yours.

How? Just by simply saving your payment receipts and entering into the McDVoice survey. Enough with the intro let’s give you some insights about how to get enter in to free McDonald food.

How to get free McDonald food / Mcdvoice survey

Well, it’s easy but there are various ways to get free food from McDonald’s. Don’t feel tense if one of method won’t work for you to win, you can enter by another way next time.  Below are some ways to get your favorite meal from MCD.

  • mcdvoice.com: By customer satisfaction survey entry
  • Email Entry through P.O box/ Newsletter
  • MCD mobile app I-e separately available for IOS / Android users
  • Also, you can go to MCD events – The new launch of their food items where they give promotional food.

How to get free food by McDVoice.com?

The most used way for entry into the survey is through the McDVoice customer satisfaction survey, it’s the most reliable way to enter by MCD customers. Also, the corporate staff gets an idea about what their customer wants and think of their services. As the survey include various questions and by answering and rating them MCD gets an idea about likes and dislike of customers. These questions are related to customers having services of MCD and how the staff, environment, quality, menu and other things can be better for everyone.

For entering the Mcdvoice survey you need to follow the below steps.

how to take mcdvoice survey

  • Open your mobile phone or desktop browser.
  • Enter the www.mcdvoice.com in your browser.
  • There you will be asked by the survey code. By entering the code through the receipt you paid at your last visit, press enter, you will redirect to another page.
  • After entering the code, you will be asked about various details related to your MCD visit.
  • Answer every question genuinely and give fair ratings so that your survey can be useful for taking further actions against MCD services.
  • After completing the McDVoice survey, click on the submit button to end.
  • Personal details, contact will be asked in a survey for further process. Don’t hesitate to fill them. It’s for contact purposes.

How to get free food by MCD App?

It’s the easiest way to keep a check on every MCD food-related discounts and news around the globe. Also, the app provides you an option to keep ordering food and give you points to redeem if you eat regularly at MCD.

mcdonald survey app

For this purpose, you just need to install the MCD app on your mobile phones. For android users its available on Google play store and for the IOS users its available to install through the Apple app store.

When you download the app on your phones, you just need to click and open it. There you will see various tab sections, you should go for coupons to open. Where information related to coupons will be available. Also if you use the MCD App to eat meals regularly the more you use the more coupons you can get there for free food.

To keep reminders about new deals and discounts, you can also set push notifications option from your setting, which will notify you at your mobile phones easily.

How to get free food by entry through mail/newsletters?


Well If you want to regularly receive news from MCD offers and events then you can sign up for their promotional offers email list. They value their loyal and regular customers hence they approach them through email to cordially invite to their promotional events and launching of new food items at their stores.

Customers feel valuable to join MCD at their launch of food items and so does MCD feel better to have them stand with the brand. Thus, you can subscribe to the newsletter for cooperation and get free food too.

mcdvoice mail


All of the above-mentioned ways works wonder for getting free food at McDonald’s. However, www.Mcdvoice.com is the best way to enter into McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey.

In case you want any help regarding the McDVoice survey you can contact us to help you out.  Or you can ask your related questions and queries in the comment section below. We will value your genuine participation in our blog.