Mcdonald’s Fun Facts

McDonald ~ MCD ~ Mac ~ is not only the name of various abbreviations but Also they have their brand information full of craziest Fun Fact. Those who love Mac Food meals, They eager to know about the amazing and strange McDonald Fun Fact.

MCD doesn’t stop to amaze us. As we all have eaten so many burgers and fries in our lives do ever you wonder why is that MCD Burger’s and fries are so hyped up? or why do every kid to the youngest person want’s it in for every other day.

That is because MCD is working for every age, from healthy and nutritious meals to crunchy and spice up plans ๐Ÿ˜› Yes you heard it right, You can try those MCD free meals by yourself too.

Amazingly Mcdonald’s can even make you fall in LOVE for their food plans, Be Cautious ๐Ÿ˜‰

mcdonalds fun fact

Some Strange McDonald’s Fun Facts

  • Every 14.5 Hours, they open a new restaurant in the world.
  • When it was all started, their first menu item was Hot Dogs, but now they are famous for hamburgers.
  • They have served more than 64 billion low-fat dairies only in Happy meal deal (since 2013).
    • One of the strangest facts of their Caesar salad is that it has more fats than regular hamburgers.
  • It is the Largest distributor of toys in the whole world (Via happy meals)
  • Can you sell 75+ Hamburgers in seconds? Yes, Mcd also holds the record of it.
    • Only in a day, they make more than $75 Million.
  • McDonald’s even has its own University – Amazed ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Haha yes! you heard that right.
      • MCD hamburger University is founded in 1961 in Illinois.
      • From McDonald’s hamburger university, more than 80,000 people graduate by bachelor’s degree in Hamburgerology.

World’s Smallest McDonald Just Opened

Yes, you have heard right. For the very first time, any of the food restaurants has started one of its own types of smallest restaurants in the world.

Oh, so you instantly think to visit the world, Smallest McDonald? ๐Ÿ˜‰ But you can’t (Another McDonald’s fun fact) ~~~ Thinking why not?

Because the worldโ€™s smallest McDonald won’t entertain any human-being. It’s only for some specific crowd, called hives (Bees). Even you maybe won’t fit into its front door as it is only built for bees to enter. And you can’t be that small right? :p

world smallest restaurant mcdonald
World’s Smallest Restaurant – McDonald

So this world smallest restaurant has all the luxurious features like the normal MCD have for bees. Even the Drive-thru area is miniature too. All of this happens for the well-being of wild bees. As world sustainability is one of an important thing to be maintained for all of us, MCD is taking part in it.

Some more crunchies McDonald Fun Fact

  • MCD Big Mac Hamburger is used as an Economic index.
  • For U.S MCD Lover’s, they are never more than 115 miles away from one of their favorite fast food branch.
  • In the United States, MCD store branches are located way more than whole US hospitals.
    • Lol, Yes, You can find MCD sooner than Hospital ๐Ÿ˜€
  • As we all know that MCD is some kind of old age Bang i-e they are almost 70 years old ๐Ÿ˜ฎ yet they haven’t the one who started by selling burgers, they were once into BBQ business only.
  • We all thought and even so many blogs told us that McDonald’s is served in the whole world, even we may say that but the truth is that some of the small countries may have banned MCD.
    • Those countries may have banned due to various cultural issues and are followings: Bermuda, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, etc
  • MCD is known for their Burgers, right? BUT just guess their Best Selling item from the menu ~ It’s their famous “DRUM ROLLS”
  • The best selling product isn’t the only thing on their menu, Because there is the worst one on the MCD menu known as “HULA Burger” customers don’t like it much.
  • Also, they have food items called McRib, You thinking it includes RIBS in it? Lol yeah Everyone thinks the same, But NO Ribs!
    • Believe me, It’s shoulder meat in it. (Strangest McDonald’s fun fact of a century :p)
  • Oh, Guess what MCD also offers World’s Largest Mac Burger!!
    • Yes, they said its 14 Foot tall called, Big Mac.

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  • Ooh, By this, you may get recalled of MCD Jingle ~ another McDonald’s fun fact about that is;

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