McDonald’s Crazy Menu Items You Can’t Forget While Eating Internationally

You may travel all around the world and eat a lot of best Mcdonald’s food, but have you ever wonder that there may be more than that Mcdonald can offer. No? Then think now, the weirdest, yummiest or any craziest combination of food that you can eat. Or Travel Internationally to really see and eat those combos from Mcdonald’s menu.

crazy mcdonald's menu around the world

All of you heard or taste of Mcd Chocolate fries, or Shrimp Burgers, Hold on these two are not the most weirdest Menu items. These below, are some combo food items listed for Mcdonald’s food loves, including lots of weirdness, craziest and yet yummiest ideas to eat at their brand. Also, you can win some of Mcdonald’s fast food free of cost – By winning their Mcdvoice survey. They only take some reviews and ratings from you to reward their coupons and food.

List of strange and crazy Mcdonald’s Menu around the world

  • Macaroni, Bacon and Cheese Toast

Back in 2017, a new combo releases in China, one that’s yummiest yet Mcdonald crazy meal item called as bacon mac n cheese. In it, bacon Macroni with cheeses is stuffed between a sandwich. Although suggestions are diet conscious people stay away from it or else they will have a cheat day 😛

McDonald's Macaroni, Bacon and Cheese toast
Macaroni, Bacon and Cheese Toast
  • Bacon Roll

In the United Kingdom, one of the yummiest food items for BACON lovers is an offer of Bacon Roll on McDonald’s menu. It’s a Bacon roll up in a loaf of bread with sausages on it. Customers can add brown sauce or creamy white sauce on it if want to go extra. It’s one of the simple yet yummy items to eat in low carbs situation.

Mcdonalds bacon roll
Mcdonald’s bacon roll
  • Black and white burgers

The name sounds Hilarious? Right right? Yes, it is 😛 But these burgers exactly look like this. These burgers are available in China Mcdonald menu items. These are called black and white as they are colored in black and whites buns, with sesame seeds ate the top of both buns. Also by seeing in the below picture, you thought of them as burgers but these are chicken sandwiches (fried) with mashed potatoes and bacon in it. All of this combo may be hard of you to think, yeah that’s a little weird.

McDonald's Black and White Burgers
McDonald’s Black and White Burgers
  • Poutine

Yeah, itself it is weird by name because you may never hear something like that in food items. Mcdonald offers this unique dish Poutine in Cannada. Its a tray, full of french fries covered with a lot of gravy. Also top with cheese curds, which is a Canadian staple – MCD got this idea from their tradition too. Also, you should know that it includes lots of fat and sodium to eat for days.

McDonald's poutine
McDonald’s Poutine With Gravy and Topping
  • Spinach and Parmesan Nuggets

Word spinach may surprise you, but don’t fall for it as diet conscious person. As they are fried in oil with lots of parmesan on it thus they are not the healthiest option. These unique and delicious nuggets can be found internationally in Italy. Although, you can still try it for the taste. Else you can also go for the parmesan sticks, available in Mcdonald’s menu items.

Mcdonald's Spinach Parmesan Nuggets
Mcdonald’s Spinach Parmesan Nuggets
  • Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry

Not only this looks yummy but it definitely is a good choice to go for in events like Easter, Christmas in the UK. Customers can also get this in Australia, the US, and Canada. It’s a signature shake soft serving of flavor vanilla with the egg fondant topping and Chocolates. It’s consists of so many calories thus, the good thing is it is only served occasionally.

McDonald's Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry
McDonald’s Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry
  • MacLobster – Strangest Mcdonald’s Menu

Yeah, you heard it right LOBSTER, available in Mcdonald Canada “Little weird and crazy idea”. As in fast-food restaurants, no one ever thought of ordering the Lobster. Mcd adds-up Lobster Roll in their menu by advancing their Bacon roll idea.

Wait, if you are thinking to try out this weird food item from MCD, as they stop selling it now due to a high rise in lobster prices, Thus not everyone feels interested.

McDonald's Lobster Roll
McDonald’s Lobster Roll
  • McNoddles – Asian McDonald’s Menu

McDonald’s is very focused on its research to produce the best and perfect recipe for its Food menu items. Thus, after 18 months of research Mcdonald’s added an Asian Dish for Austria to test it. They work hard for its perfectness as the ingredients were all exported from Thailand. The ingredients list is as follow;

  • Veggies
  • Sweet and sour sauce
  • Curry sauce
  • Salad

All of the items mixed with noodles in a Bowl – made McNoodle.

McNoddles - Mcdonald's Asian Dish
Mcdonald’s Asian Dish – McNoddles

Conclusion – Final Words 

The list provided above is some of their weirdest, craziest food meal choices Mcdonald menu provided in various countries internationally. You may get surprised by these weird combos or maybe, in the end, you get to like those flavors for the rest of your life. Special signature Mcdonald’s Menu item is also available at every Mcd franchise which depends on the country’s traditions and uniqueness in food.

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