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About McDonald’s

McDonald’s is one of the largest fast food restaurants operating all around the world and particularly in the USA. It provides food according to the highest safety and food standards. They Offers Mcdvoice survey to win Free coupons and food.

Mcdvoice survey mcdonalds survey

McDonald’s was established in 1940 as a Barbecue restaurant which was managed by Richard and Maurice McDonald, in San Bernardino, California, US. At the moment, they are providing its services in more than 100 countries and serving about 69 million customers per day.

How McDonald Begin’s

As we know McDonald’s is founded by two brothers Dick and Mac. Both tried to start their Movie business for living while they were in new England, But didn’t succeed much. Then they move from new England to California U.S.

They succeed in drive-in Restaurant business. Thus, from there they took a start of bringing speediee “15 cent hamburger” service system. The success made them realize to start spreading their idea. They reduce their menu items to nine and the famous item was 15 cent hamburger.

About McDvoice / McDonald’s

McDonald’s always welcome its customers to give output through McDVoice online survey portal at The main purpose of this survey is to establish a standard, quality and high values to meet the desires and needs of customers.

A voucher coupon is offered to the customers by McDVoice Survey that is redeemed by the next visit of its customers to store. McDonald’s has always made an effort to ensure contentment of its customers and maintained a level of security and safety.

McDonald’s is trying to get actual opinions through Mcdvoice survey and feedback portal. They has also promised to reward its customers after completing the customer’s satisfaction survey available at online portal. 

mcdvoice survey

McDonald’s have provided a facility for the customers to provide their feedback and give comments on their last visit to the restaurant by visiting the official website that is  After doing this McDonald’s is offering a reward for the same.

McDonald’s Fun Facts

  • Every 14.5 Hours, they open a new Restaurant in the world.
  • When it was all started, their first menu item was Hot Dogs, but now they are famous for hamburgers.
  • They have served more that 64 billion low fat diary only in Happy meal deal (since 2013)
  • Their Caesar salad have more fats then its hamburgers.
  • It is the Largest distributor of toys in whole world (Via happy meals)
  • Only in a day, they makes more than $75 Millions.
  • From McDonald hamburger university, more than 80,000 people graduate by bachelor’s degree of Hamburgerology.
  • MCD Big Mac Hamburger is used as Economic index.
  • For U.S MCD Lover’s, they are never more than 115 Miles away from one of their favorite fast food branch.

World’s Smallest McDonald Just Opened

Yes, you have heard right. For very first time any of the food restaurant have started one of its own type of Smallest Restaurant in the world.

smallest McDonald in world

Oh, so you thinking to visit the world Smallest McDonald? 😉 But You can’t. Thinking why not?

Because this smallest MCD won’t entertain any human. Its only for some specific crowd, called hives. Even you may be won’t fit in to its front door as it is only build for bees to enter. And you can;t be that small right? :p

So this world smallest restaurant have all the luxurious features like the normal MCD have for bees. Even Drive-thru area is miniature too. All of this happens for the well being of wild bees. As the world sustainability is one of important thing to be maintain for all of us, so MCD is taking part in it.

If you feel to proceed with McDvoice customer satisfaction survey to get free cash backs and coupons, Visit how to take McDvoice Survey? for the detail.

How to take McDvoice Survey?

As you already got enough information about McDonald’s survey and you are now ready to enter for taking part in McDvoice. In case you don’t know details for taking part in survey such as requirements, you can go to McDvoice now.

See the below image for McDvoice survey or Visit the below buttons for Information.

how to take mcdvoice survey

How to order any meal ahead from McDonald’s app?

Order through mobile is made very easy by McDonald’s App. They have made very easy steps so that any one can order at anytime from Mobile. To process the order follow the below steps;

  • Install the McDonald App in your mobile.
  • Open the app to select the meals from the listed menu.
  • Choose the available combo deals to save more.
  • Add deal through order button.
  • Pay using any bank card.
  • Charges wouldn’t be cut until you check in.
  • Also, you can choose you pickup options by check-in at any McD restaurant.
  • Collect your food through curbside, or can get it through your Drive-Thru.

How to get Mcdvoice Survey Code?

Mcdvoice Survey Code is a must for entering in to Survey. To take part in the survey every entry person need to have a 26 Digit McDonald code. For this purpose follow the below steps;

mcdvoice survey code
  • Visit near McDonald’s Store.
  • Make a purchase / Meal.
  • Eat you favorite meal 😛
  • Save the receipt that you paid at McDonald’s.
  • Get the code from you receipt.
  • Open your browser
  • Enter Mcdvoice Survey Website.
  • Start Mcdvoice survey.
  • Enjoy free Food and Prizes at Mcdvoice.

Enter in to Mcdvoice Survey

To take part in the survey you need to follow these following steps;

  • Go to Official Mcdvoice Website.
  • Enter prefer language;
    • English
    • Spanish
  • Next, Enter the code from you receipt.
  • If code isn’t with you, Enter;
    • Visit Date
    • Time
    • Billing number etc
    • How much money spent?
  • Then, Survey Questions will be started.
  • Rate all the questions honestly.
  • You can also provide your feedback.
  • Then, Enter Submit Button.
  • Congratulations! You have enter in survey.
  • In End, you will get a verification code.
  • Save the code and redeem it on you next Visit to McDonald’s.

McDonald’s Near Me

McDonald survey
Bangkok, Thailand – McDonald’s exterior

To place your order from home McDonald’s offer its store locator options. Which tell us about from which near by McDonald’s order can be placed.

  • Visit McDonald’s near me locator
  • Enter the Location & McDonald’s name
  • You’ll fine most nearest McDonald in your device app

For any query or help to be resolved you can contact or comment down below to reach us. we will surely reply you, your needs and requirements.

McDonald’s Customer Support

McDonald’s is a well known Food brand in whole world that’s why they prefer their customer’s. Mcd not only cares about the food quality and staff but also they focus on providing best Customer support service to their loyal customers. They are open for every customer for any mean of help through calls, site feedback.

The customers can access McDonald’s customer support through various ways. Every aspect of service helps their customer equally.

Mcd customer care

The customers can contact on their toll-free number from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. On toll free they will try their best to resolve the issue and increase your satisfaction level.

Toll Free Number: 1-800-244-6227

Address: McDonald’s Corporation
2111 McDonald’s Dr.,
Oak Brook, IL 60523

Website: Customer can browse through But if there is any problem to approach this website you must try to clear your cookies or ensure that you have a good working internet connection.

Official McDonald’s Website have various support options such as:

McDVoice customer support

Customer can follow any of the way to give them advice, feedback or take any help from officials about deals and anything.

Also, you can comment below your Thoughts about your last visit to McDonald’s Restaurant.