About Mcdonald and Mcdvoice survey

McDonald: A most famous fast food restaurant not only in the US but also in other continents of the world. Even your kids will know the name of it for the love of fast food, that’s how you can say its the king of the fast-food market everywhere :p

Mcdonald provides food according to the highest safety and food standards. Thus, you can say it’s healthy for you and your family. On eating there, They Offer Mcdvoice survey to win Free coupons and food on your next visit.

McDonald survey
Bangkok, Thailand – McDonald’s exterior

About Mcdonald’s

McDonald’s was established in 1940 as a Barbecue restaurant which was managed by Richard and Maurice McDonald, in San Bernardino, California, US. Mcdonald as the largest brand of the world works daily for 69 million customers. They have a huge store networking system, having over 100+ countries.

How McDonald Begin’s

As we know McDonald’s is founded by two brothers Dick and Mac. Both tried to start their Movie business for living while they were in New England but didn’t succeed much. Then they move from New England to California U.S.


They succeed in the drive-in restaurant business. Thus, from there they took the start of bringing speedier “15 cents hamburger” service system. Due to this huge success, they thought of publicized this idea by spreading it among people. They reduce their menu items to nine and the famous item was a 15 cent hamburger.

About McDvoice Survey / McDonald’s

McDonald’s always welcomes its customers to give output through McDVoice online survey portal at www.mcdvoice.com. The main purpose of this survey is to establish a standard, quality and high value to meet the desires and needs of customers.

A voucher coupon is offered to the customers by the McDVoice Survey that is redeemed by the next visit of its customers to store. McDonald’s has always made an effort to ensure the contentment of its customers and maintained a level of security and safety.

McDonald’s is trying to get actual opinions through the Mcdvoice survey and feedback portal. They have also promised to reward its customers after completing the customer’s satisfaction survey available at the online portal.

McDonald’s has provided a facility for the customers to provide their feedback and give comments on their last visit to the restaurant by visiting the official website that is www.mcdvoice.com.  After doing this McDonald’s is offering a reward for the same.

Also, you can contact us for any other questions to ask about MCD.